Prediction: When will the Met have 500K fans, MoMA 1 million?

Passé / Futur by an untrained eye (via Flickr)

(Update below)

My list of Museums on Social Media now automatically updates Facebook and Twitter numbers, and even after a few days this has provided enough data to make some predictions. The two museums with the most “likes” on Facebook, The Metropolitan Museum of Art and MoMA, are close to big milestones.

The Met was less than 10,000 short of 5oo,ooo likes as of May 30, 4:15pm EDT and gaining 1 visitor every 22.59 seconds (interactive graph here). At that rate, they should reach half a million likes sometime around June 1st 11:06:33pm EDT.

Now, MoMA is the André the Giant of museums in the social media ring. As of May 30, 4:15pm EDT they had 763,454 likes. MoMA gets one new like every 18.83 seconds (graph), so they should become the first museum to reach 1,000,000 likes on July 21 at 5:41:32pm EDT.

Congratulations in advance!

Update, June 2 11:30am: The pace slackened (one new Like every 44.79 seconds) so the Met didn’t quite make it to 500,000 at the predicted time, but they’re getting very close. Revised prediction: June 4th, at 5:02:03am.

(Image: “Passé / Futur” by an untrained eye)

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