AukPilot, Python Library for API

Little Auks, by Alistair RaeIn order to collect data for the Museums on Twitter list, I needed to get data from They have a pretty simple API, but since there was no library for it in Python, I wrote one: AukPilot. Enjoy.

It handles the complete Klout API, and you’ll need an API key in order to use it.

Photo: “Little Auks” by Alistair Rae via Flickr

Museumtweets Mashup

On April 18 Jim Richardson (@sumojim) posted a Google Spreadsheet containing a list of over 1,500 museums that use Twitter, along with their followers, Klout score and other data:

This has attracted a lot of attention and become a large collaborative project (with major contributions from @museumnerd, @museumsukkel, and @mardixon) but the spreadsheet itself is somewhat hard to read. Google Docs is a great way to work together, but not such a great way to spread information.

Because I thought it would be fun to try (and might save some people a lot of work!), I hacked together a web page that uses the Google Docs API to get the list of Twitter names from the spreadsheet, then uses the Twitter and Klout APIs to fill in the rest (plus a little more). The result, Museums on Twitter, is good enough to go live.

I had to write my own Python library for Klout, AukPilot, so that took a little time and right now (3:00 Sunday afternoon) a cronjob is still filling in the Twitter data. Over the next few days it should stabilize into a good overview of the data SumoJim and other shave collected.

Update #2 (4/27, 11:30pm EDT): I’m starting to add Facebook data. Have it for 40% of entries so far. Not bad for the first pass.

Update #1 (4/25, 1:15pm EDT): Most of the twitter data is getting automatically filled in except for some of the troublesome entries (sorting out what data Klout does and doesn’t always have; blank lines in Jim’s spreadsheet are causing trouble with the Gdocs API, etc)

Planned additions/tweaks so far:

  • Add Facebook data
  • Adding the countries from Jim’s spreadsheet
  • Making the columns sortable (I want this to be a nice JavaScript thing but that’s hard because the list is so long)
  • Click an entry to view its data in more detail

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