Boot from CD in Open Firmware

Ok, you’re a security conscious Mac user so you’ve enabled the Open Firmware password. Now you want to boot from a CD and just holding down the “C” key while the computer starts up won’t work. What do you do?

You boot into Open Firmware (hold down command-option-O-F while the computer starts up), hit return and, when prompted, enter your Open Firmware password. Then at the prompt type

boot cd:,\\tbxi


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7 thoughts on “Boot from CD in Open Firmware

  1. Thanks for this, I’ve just set up password protection for my Macbook and (logical step) I was wondering who the hell boot from cd again! It happens too I love NY, play guitar and just bought an ukelele, so… happy coincidences here! Will follow this on my Google Reader. All the best from Spain!

  2. This was the first page I hit searching “boot cd open firmware” and I wanted to let you know that I had to use a slightly different parameter set. Specifically:

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